As of 8 AM Tuesday, October 14th, Hurricane Mathew’s cone of uncertainty places us squarely in the potential path of impact. The weather we experience will greatly depend on the ultimate path Mathew chooses and our best guess at this point is that we are unlikely to see very dramatic weather. That said, in the interest of caution and because we have had numerous calls this morning from those who would like to arrange haulouts, we have begun working through our existing Hurricane Haulout List. Once we have decisions from those already on the list, we will open up space to boat owners who have more recently asked to be placed “on the hard”. Our yard is fairly full already, so we will be limited to blocking boats “down the middle” and in our parking areas. At some point we will exhaust our supply of stands and cribbing that we keep for this purpose. Feel free to reach out to us to determine your status and let us know how we can help you with your storm preparations regardless of where you intend to hunker down!