Sadler Point Marine Center will be working with St. Marks Episcopal Day School by serving as a collection point for a donation drive benefiting the Cox-Morgan family on Grand Bahama Island. All items collected at Sadler will be shipped out Tuesday 9/17/19 and escorted by a member of the Morgan family to ensure the aid reaches the correct destination. Last day for donations will be Monday 9/16/19.
Please leave donations inside the common doorway between Sadler’s main office and the new High Tide Burrito site. Below is a list of items requested by family members impacted by the storm. Sadler can be reached at (904) 384-1383 with questions.

40 cs Drinking Bottle Water
10 gals Clorox Bleach
10 gals Pine Sol
5 gals Washing Detergent For washing clothes
3 gals Fabric Softener
5 bx Large Garbage Bags
2-Lg. Garbage Bins w/lids
10 cans Insect Repellent
4 Qn Air Mattress w/Foot Pump Alternate Electrical
4 Qn Sheets
2 Generators
4-5gal Gas Cans / Container 5-gal cans
4 – 50’ Power Cords Heavy Duty
2 Surge Protectors
2 Chain Saws w/additional Blades & oils
12 Yard Working Gloves Size large & X-large
12 Safety Glasses
6 Yard Work Coveralls Men 3 Lg., 3 X-Lg
2 Roof Leak Tarp
2 A-Frame Ladder 1-6ft. , 1-8ft.
3 Hard Hat
2 bx Disposal Dust Masks 2 Boxes of 50
3 Flash Light w/Batteries Med – Lg size flashlights
6 Lg Candles w/Lighters Cigarette lighters will work
1 Card Table 1-4 chair card table
2 Mops w/pails
2 Brooms w/Dust Pans
8 Pillows (Standard size)
Towels wash clothes & bath
Toilet Tissue
Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Disposal Eating Utensil spoons/folks/knives
Bathing Soap / Body Wash
6 Deodorant (antiperspirant) 4 Women, 2 Men
8 Storage Bins w/lids to be used as drawers
Can Vegetables Variety
Can Soup variety w/low Sodium
Can Evaporate Milk / Dry Milk
Dry Snacks
Dry Cereals w/ low Sugar
3 Manual can Openers
2 Women Sneakers Size 9
2 Women Sneakers Size10
2 Men Sneakers Size 10.5
5 Steel Toe Boots Size 9 ×2, 10, 10.5, 11
Baby Wipes
Baby Diapers 6-9 Mos & 9-12 Mos
Baby Clothes (Boy & Girl) 6-9 Mos & 9-12 Mos
4 Toothpastes Pick one
6 Toothbrushes 2-soft kids, 4-med adults
Bathing Soap / Body Wash
Always Ultra Thin
Always Overnight
6 Folding / Camping Chairs
3 First Aid Kits
Advil Terrible headache
Alcohol / Peroxide / Neosporin
School Supplies Binders / folders/ sheets/ pens,/pencils
2 Laptops The girls lost their books, bags & laptops