The Florida East Coast Railroad bridge near downtown Jacksonville is causing problems again for local and visiting boaters. According to Jim Suber, Waterways Coordinator for the City of Jacksonville, FEC has permission from the US Coast Guard to close the bridge in the down position for a full week starting “December 7, 2015 at 0700 hrs thru December 11, 2015. Their plan is to conduct standard repairs and preventative action by replacing key machinery components of the operating system during this closure. During this time, the bridge will be in the closed position and inoperable; and navigation for water traffic would be limited to the small boat span.”

In addition to this planned and authorized disruption, we been hearing reports of unauthorized delays as long as two hours in the last few weeks. The Coast Guard has been made aware of the issue and reports that they are “having difficulties getting a hold of the right FEC people to talk to”. If you experience delays with this bridge outside of the scheduled December closure, it may be helpful to relay the experience to the Coast Guard so that they can follow up on it.

Additionally, we recommend contacting the bridge prior to any planned trip to help avoid any delays. We’ll update this post with new information as we receive it.