Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pressure wash my own boat?
No, besides insurance reasons, we have a closed loop system with various pumps, tanks and other equipment designed to reuse the rinse water instead of letting drain into the river. Our employees are trained on how to use it without damaging themselves or the system itself.
What else may I NOT do myself?
We do not allow the sanding of bottom paint without the use of a vacuum sander. While we do rent top of the line models that will make short work of your project, you may also bring your own provided it has the appropriate dust filters and bags. If we notice you working in a large cloud of paint dust you will be asked to stop. We do not allow spray painting or sand blasting of any kind unless arrangements are made to use our tent. Please contact the office for further information. If you have a project that you suspect may fall outside the realm of normal boatyard activities, please consult with us in advance so as to avoid any "misunderstandings".
Do I need to make a reservation?
We prefer that you give us as much notice as possible. Much of the time our haul-out service is booked at least several days out. During the spring and fall seasons when the weather is nice we can be booked out to a month in advance. That said, we hate to turn folks away and always try to remain flexible. It's just easier on everybody if we can schedule things in advance.
What does your Bottom Job price include?
Our bottom job price includes scraping and sanding the whole boat as much as we deem necessary to fair in any chipped areas and abrade the whole bottom so that paint will actually stick. It includes scrubbing your hull with soap and water from the rub rail to the waterline. It includes cleaning and painting all thru-hulls including the interior of any with removable screens. It includes scraping and painting inboard style running gear and installing fresh zincs. Many boatyards will only give you 2 hours sanding and hit you with an hourly rate for some of the services listed above. We find that the only way to retain customers and stand behind our work is to give you a fixed price and not spring extra charges on you after we've got your boat in our straps.
How about my Blisters?
Blisters are tricky. We've never heard of a boat sinking, catching fire, or running aground due to blisters. That said, you don't want to try to sell a boat with them either. The way they are treated depends on what kind of boat they're on. A late model 60' Sea Ray under warranty will be Gel-Stripped, air dried for a couple of months, re-glassed, faired and barrier coated; in short, "the works". This typically costs many thousands and takes a long time. On the other side of the spectrum, an '81 Bayliner could probably get by with grinding back to good glass and a fill job. This could cost less than $500 and take a day or two. Your budget, and how long you intend to keep the boat play a role in the decision making process. We have vast experience with all types of blister repairs and budgets and will give you our honest opinion on what we feel is the best plan of attack for your project.
Can I work on my own boat?
Absolutely. We will ask that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding the do-it-yourself aspect of our yard. We have made great progress in assuring that our activities do not adversely affect the river or our environment. Much of what we (and our government) require is basic common sense stuff. The future of Do-it-Yourself boatyards as a whole depends on customers knowing and following the rules. Please help by asking questions when you are unsure of what to do with something. Do not assume that it is more expensive to do things the "green" way; we can dispose of nearly everything you have at no additional expense to you.
What's a layday?
We charge a $1 per foot per day fee for the privilege of working on your boat in our yard. Laydays include electricity, water and access to compressed air. We count the day after you haul out as your first and the day you launch as your last.
Can my son/brother-in-law/college roommate help me work on my boat?
Yes, as long as you are not paying them for their assistance. If you pay someone to help, you are hiring a subcontractor and they must check in with our office upon arrival and provide us with proof of insurance, etc. We also charge a percentage on top of what they are charging you. Please see our Subcontractor Policy Packet for more information.
Whoa, that's not fair. What gives?
We have a very expensive facility that is heavily regulated and taxed. It should go without saying that we are in business to earn a living and not to provide a coop for every uninsured sea pirate that claims to know a thing or two about through hulls. Our system provides a level playing field, protects us and our customers from lawsuits and helps pay the bills.
Can I work on my boat at night/weekends?
We are not currently restricting access to the yard after hours. We do ask that you keep the noise to an absolute minimum as we have neighbors who sleep at night. We do turn off the air compressors after hours. Please remember not to attempt to move your boat stands just because it's Sunday and we're not around. We will be happy to jump on that first thing Monday morning.
Do I have to buy my supplies from Sadler?
We do not currently require that customers purchase their supplies from us. We do however _*greatly appreciate*_ your business and request that you check our prices before heading over to West Marine. You'll find that we will almost always beat West Marine's prices on things like zincs and bottom paint. Please orient yourself with our inventory when you arrive as our handy selection of everything from stainless fasteners to electrical connectors may save you time during the course of your project. We also have the catalogs from all our major suppliers on display right up front for you to look through. They're a great source of info and we can have most items delivered the next day with no shipping charges.
Do you sell fuel?
We haven't sold fuel since 1999. That year we spent lots of money removing and cleaning up after our old underground tanks that were leaking. There is simply not enough markup to make any money selling fuel and the regulatory requirements further dissuade us to offer it. We will happily recommend other fueling options to you upon request.
Are there restrooms?
Yes we have restrooms with showers.
Do you take American Express?
Sorry, we accept payment in cash, check, Visa and MasterCard only.
Wait, I have another question!
Call us anytime at (904) 384-1383. We are happy to help any way we can. Let us know if there is something we can add to this page.